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EIFS Inspection Services

EIFS is a cladding system that adds a layer of exterior insulation with the finish. However, exterior insulated finish systems can cause feelings of anxiety for some homeowners. With age and EIFS cracking, there is a chance that water and moisture can find its way into the home’s exterior walls. When this happens, unsafe conditions can follow. We serve Philadelphia, Berks County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, Chester County, Bucks County, and Montgomery County. Customers can count on receiving inspection services from our licensed and insured technicians.

EIFS Inspection – What to Expect

Manufactures originally designed EIFS products with an intent for them to remain fully sealed. Unfortunately, when water manages to seep in an exterior wall, there is nowhere for the water to escape. There are still hundreds of thousands of homes with older EIFS installations. These installations can eventually cause potential problems that lead to structural rotting and mold and mildew conditions.

An EIFS inspection method may consist of several methods. One method is the use of a meter that allows for moisture testing through electrical impedance technology. This method can also work in tandem with a pin-type or electrode meter probe. Your inspector will have the right tools and use proper methods of inspection.

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More About the EIFS Inspection Process:

Non-Invasive Scanner

The inspector may choose to use a non-invasive moisture scanner or other specialized probing tools.

Installation Examination

Next, he or she will examine the installation’s integrity and check for areas where moisture may have entered.

Normal Problem Areas

Areas where water can invade generally include window sills and flashing.

Cracks and Delamination

Sometimes, original installers fail to install foam panels properly, which leaves the installation open to future cracks and delamination.

Termite Check

Your inspector can also check for any signs of termite invasion. This can happen if installers placed EIFS cladding too close to the ground.

Check For Other Problems

An inspection offers an excellent opportunity to check for flood damage or mold and mildew conditions.

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