• What Is a Home Inspection?

    A home inspection is a visual examination of the structure and systems of a home. A professional inspection is one that is carried out by a certified, licensed and insured home inspector.

  • Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

    Home inspection will normally come up as a topic when you are looking to buy or sell a home. Having a home inspection done is especially important if you are the buyer of a house. You are the one spending money on what you hope will be a sound investment rather than a money hole. Home purchase agreements are typically contingent on the buyer having an inspection done. This is done so the buyer can either have the seller fix any issues uncovered by the inspection before they take possession of the property or renegotiate the price if the buyer will be fixing them later. In some instances, so many issues may be found that you, as the buyer, may want to opt-out of the purchase completely.

  • Is it Okay to Perform a Home Inspection Myself?

    It would be risky enough for a seller to try a do-it-yourself inspection, but it would be borderline insanity for a buyer to attempt this. You’re the one putting up the money for this property, so you have everything to lose if it’s not in decent condition. At S.P.T. Home Inspections, we know the value of a professional inspection. Our home inspectors are certified, licensed and insured to operate in Pennsylvania. We are knowledgeable in home construction, maintenance and safety and about the proper installation of major systems in a home. If there are any major problems, you can count on our highly-trained team to find them for you.

  • What Is the Cost of a Home Inspection?

    At S.P.T. Home Inspections, we believe in competitive pricing. This is exemplified by our price-match guarantee. If you can show us a written estimate from another licensed, certified and insured home inspection company in Pennsylvania for less than we charge, we’ll match that price. As far as pricing in general is concerned, the larger the home the higher the price for an inspection.

  • How Long Does an Inspection Take?

    An inspection will generally take about two to three hours depending on the size of the home.

  • Do I Have to Be Present During an Inspection?

    If you are the buyer, you should make the time to be present during our inspection of the home. While we do provide a detailed report of our findings to you after completing our inspection, there’s nothing like seeing any potential issues or problems firsthand with the inspector and being able to ask about them right then and there. You also may learn a thing or two about your new home as you accompany our inspector such as where shut-offs are, how to operate certain components and spot items that may need maintenance in the future.

  • Where Is S.P.T. Home Inspections Insured?

    All of our staff are certified and licensed, and we’re insured to operate in the state of Pennsylvania. We perform home inspections in the entire Philadelphia area including Berks County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County and Delaware County.

  • What Happens if There Are Problems Uncovered During the Inspection?

    You should know that this is not a pass or fail inspection. It simply represents a picture of the condition a home is currently in. Any problems that our inspectors uncover are noted down for inclusion in the home inspection report you receive afterward. We will delineate between major concerns or safety issues and those that may just need repair, maintenance or additional monitoring. Depending on what’s uncovered in the inspection, you may be able to use the report as a basis to renegotiate with the seller.