Mold Inspections in Bucks County Homes

The presence of mold in Bucks County PA homes is a problem that seems to be getting more attention lately. Mold spores can irritate those with allergies and asthma. Because there is excess moisture wherever mold thrives, it is important to have your home tested for mold if you see any.

At S.P.T. Home Inspections, the top-rated home inspection company in Bucks County, our trained and knowledgeable staff know what to look for when it comes to finding mold in your home. We start with a visual inspection in order to ascertain the existence of mold, and then we perform tests to determine the type of molds and to determine how much of it is in your home. All of this information in our Bucks County mold inspection finds its way into a detailed report we provide you about the type, amount and toxicity of any mold in your home as well as recommendations for its removal.

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Why Testing for Mold is Crucial for Home Inspections

One big reason to test & inspect for mold  in Bucks County houses is the fact that it thrives where there is excess moisture, and in the case of indoor mold growth, this can indicate another problem with water getting into the structure of your home. In addition to mold growth, this excess moisture may be causing other damage to the home. That said, the mold itself can also be a serious problem. If you have any family members with asthma or allergies, the presence of mold can exacerbate these conditions. Infants and the elderly will be especially vulnerable. Symptoms of sensitivity to mold spores can include coughing, wheezing, and nasal and throat conditions.

If you spot any mold in your home or any of your family members are showing symptoms, please contact us, and we’ll do a thorough mold test for you. Remember that any mold you actually see may simply be the tip of the iceberg. Let us check and see how extensive a problem this may actually be in your home. We have the training and expertise to handle any mold problem, so you and your family can breathe easier, and with our price-match guarantee, you know we’ll meet or beat any competitor’s price.