Water Damage Inspections in Bucks County

Water is a mixed blessing. We are dependent on it for our very lives, but few things can damage a home as easily as it can. If you are thinking of buying a home in Bucks County or the surrounding area, you’ll be happy to know that our team at S.P.T. Home Inspections offers a water damage inspection service in addition to our traditional home inspections. We also recommend a water damage inspection after a flood or house fire.

Our certified, licensed and insured staff will typically start a water damage inspection outside your home and then work our way inside. We start outside in order to look for any ways that water can enter your home and to check that gutters and downspouts are properly channeling rain water away from your home. Checking the roof, foundation and exterior walls for cracks or holes will be part of this as well. Our highly-trained water damage inspector will then make a basement to attic inspection inside for any signs of water damage and carefully note everything we find.

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Why Testing for Water Damage is Crucial for Home Inspections

Your home is probably the biggest investment you own, so you need to ensure that any water damage is found and repaired quickly. Damage that’s allowed to persist long term can rot and develop mold and mildew, which will have their own negative health and other effects.

At S.P.T. Home Inspections, we go beyond a simple visual inspection for water damage. We’ll use moisture sensor probes and other equipment to find any signs of excess moisture that could uncover water damage. We’ll then put all of this into a detailed report that lays out all the damage present as well as recommendations on how to handle it. We’ll assess and handle the problem quickly, and our price-match guarantee assures you that we’ll match any estimate you show us from another company that’s also licensed and insured to do business in Pennsylvania. If you think your home may need a water damage inspection, please don’t hesitate to call our certified, licensed and insured professionals to give you peace of mind about your Pennsylvania home.