Certified Home Inspections for Newtown, PA Residents


When you are buying a home in Newtown PA, you need to know the importance of having a professional home inspection done to uncover any problems in the structure or systems of the home that only a trained eye can reveal. At S.P.T. Home Inspections, our licensed and certified home inspectors in Newtown are insured for work in Newtown and across Pennsylvania. We are second to none in our industry because we go a step above the minimum requirements by ensuring our highly-trained staff continue to receive ongoing education.

If you buy a car from a private owner, you’ll probably want to have it looked over by a mechanic first to be sure you’re getting what you think you are. Given that a house is a much bigger investment than a car, not having it inspected by one of our home inspectors that are licensed and insured by the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) would be a huge mistake.


Home Inspections Are Crucial for Homeowners

If you are a first-time home buyer, you may not fully realize what’s involved in a home inspection. Basically, it is a top-to-bottom visual assessment of the accessible areas of the home to uncover any material defects in the structure of the home or its major systems. A home inspection takes about three to four hours, and at the end of it, we produce a detailed report about the home and any issues with it.

Our lead certified inspector has nearly two decades of experience in the building and real estate inspection industries, so when you hire S.P.T. Home Inspections, you are getting the expertise and knowledge you need. As an added bonus, we will also price match any written estimate you have from any other professional home inspection company because we believe in providing premium service at the best price possible. Please contact our team at S.P.T. Home Inspections today, so we can set up an appointment for your home inspection at a date and time that’s convenient for you.