Stucco Moisture Testing

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Our Inspection Process and Methods

For new home buyers and curent homeowners, it is important to inspect the home for stucco moisture intrusion. Our inspection process involves two phases. First, we conduct a visual inspection of installation standards and methods. We take a close look at the materials used, present condition of the stucco, and the overall workmanship. The visual inspection may include a moisture scan (non-invasive) along with a camera scan that uses infrared and thermal imaging technologies. Our inspectors will recommend an invasive probe inspection if they find any stucco deficiencies.

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Stucco Moisture Testing

The inspector drills several holes side by side for an invasive moisture test. He or she then inserts a probe in the wall to check for moisture behind the cladding using a moisture meter. This is one of the most accurate methods used to determine if water is present or has caused water damage. Inside the home, the inspector dills holes in the interior wall and inserts a moisture probe through the wall.

More About the Stucco Moisture Testing Process:

The inspector drills two holes an inch apart in the stucco wall.
The inspector inserts a moisture meter to test the substance behind the stucco.
Inspects are primarily concerned with testing portions of the home above the foundation.
Testing areas can include, but are not limited to, the most exposed areas such as first floor windows and roof-wall sections.
The inspector will note and document any indication of decay or if the tested area appears firm and dry.
After the inspection, the inspector cleans each hole and fills it with a professional sealant that matches the stucco’s original color.
An excellent reason to scehdule stucco moisture testing is that it can help detect damage from floods, water leakage, mold, and mildew.

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Our trained inspectors can determine if your home has stucco or EIFS. They can tell the difference and conduct their inspection process accordingly. Water damage can occur with both stucco and EIFS type walls. Water damage can also lead to unsafe living conditions. We are happy to give customers an estimate based visual and probe inspection testing.