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Home Inspection Services Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania

When you’re searching for home inspectors who you can trust and are certified, your best bet is to call us at SPT Home Inspection!

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Getting a home inspection in Washington Crossing PA can be a fantastic idea for any individual who is thinking about putting a residential property up on the real estate market. If you’re seriously thinking about selling your home in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, there are all sorts of things you can do to get ready. You may want to think about tackling all sorts of home improvement projects as a means of making your property more undeniable to prospective buyers. Before doing that, however, you may want to figure out what specifically needs work in the first place. How can you figure that out? You can do so by requesting a comprehensive home inspection from a qualified house inspection professional in the Washington Crossing area. When you’re searching for home inspectors who have certification, then your greatest bet is to call us at SPT Home Inspection. We’re an acclaimed force in the local home inspection sector.

Why Choose SPT Home Inspection

S.P.T Home Services, LLC is a Certified, licensed and insured home inspection business servicing Bucks County, Montgomery County, Berks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Philadelphia County including the city of Philadelphia. Our Certified licensed and insured inspectors are trained by ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Certified Real Estate Inspectors and are fully licensed and insured in the state of Pennsylvania via NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors). Our licensed inspectors have a long tradition of building, real estate inspection and general contracting, and have tremendous knowledge about the workings of a house and its mechanical parts.

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Finding A Qualified Home Inspector In Washington Crossing

Our team members can assess your living space for all kinds of things. If you’re searching for a radon inspection company, we should be on your list. If you’re trying to find professional mold testing service, ditto. Our employees are familiar with everything from termite invasions to persistent water damage. If you want to hire an extermination company that can offer you pest control services, then working with our home inspectors may get you going in the correct direction. If you want to get rid of unpleasant water damage that’s causing discoloration and staining on your home walls, then working with our team members may be wise. Call SPT Home Inspection now to set up a house inspection.

FAQs for Home Sellers

This type of inspection is a visual examination of the structure and systems of a home that is carried out by a certified, licensed and insured home inspector.

The subject of home inspection typically comes up whenever you are buying or selling a home. As a seller, you may want to find out anything that is wrong with the home before placing it on the market, so you’re not surprised by any issues later on in the selling process. If any problems are found that a potential buyer would probably want fixed, this gives you time to get them fixed beforehand. Since an inspection reveals much about the overall condition of the home, it will also be very helpful when it comes to determining your asking price.

When confronted with all the expenses that go along with selling a home, you may be tempted to try to cut corners and think you can inspect your own home. This would be a mistake. Professional home inspectors, such as our licensed, trained and insured staff at S.P.T. Home Inspections, are familiar with home construction, safety and maintenance as well as the proper installation of systems in a home. You don’t want to risk thinking you’ve uncovered and fixed all potential problems only to have the buyer’s inspector uncover more that you missed.

At S.P.T. Home Inspections, we are extremely competitive when it comes to our pricing. In fact, we even offer you a price-match guarantee. If you can show us an estimate from another licensed and certified home inspection company that is also insured in Pennsylvania for less than we charge, we will match their price. Generally speaking, the larger the square footage of a home the higher the price for an inspection, and the inspection of a townhome or single-family home will cost more than that for a condominium.

An inspection will generally take about two to three hours depending on the size of the home.

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